New City South Staff

Kevin VandenBrink

Lead Pastor

Kevin has been the lead pastor of New City South since 2007, when he and his family moved back to St. Louis from Seattle. He loves serving Jesus and watching people grow in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-generational church family where we get to learn from one another. Originally from West Michigan, Kevin loves the streets, parks, restaurants, and people of South City. He enjoys walks in Tower Grove Park, the Cardinals, and any time he can connect with the beauty of God’s creation by hiking, biking, or kayaking. Kevin is a graduate of Taylor University (1991) and Covenant seminary (1996). He and his wife Stephene have been married since 1991 and they have 3 children - Sam, Benjamin and Alia.

Contact Kevin at 314-762-9915 x224 or

Roy Hubbard

Associate Pastor

Roy grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana where he was one of 5 children. From there he attended Louisiana State University where he earned a degree in Elementary Education. While at LSU, he was involved with RUF and was a member of South Baton Rouge Presbyterian (PCA). In July of 2005, he began the Masters of Divinity degree at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson and finished in May of 2008. While in seminary, Roy married Emily Chapman of Starkville, Mississippi in March of 2007. They have 4 children, Iris, Jonas, Clive, & Lois. Roy loves hanging out with people and has TOO MANY interests (basketball, reading, sports, swimming, video games, fishing, music, culture, food, history, movies, art, all-things-New-Orleans, etc. etc. et...), so feel free to track him down and spend some time with him.

Contact Roy at 314-762-9915 ext. 225 or

Jules Gikundiro

Music Director

Jules Gikundiro became the Music Director in 2013 after five years of serving as a Worship Ministry Intern. Jules was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and grew up in Rwanda. His family is full of musicians and worship leaders. Jules moved to the United States in 2008, where he lived in Maine for one year, then moved to St Louis to live with his long time friend Justin where he started attending New City South. Jules is married to Neuve Uzamukunda and are expecting a baby soon.

Contact Jules at 314-629-9742 or

Kabyn Vikesland

Director of Operations and Mercy

Kabyn moved from Seattle to attend Covenant Seminary. He worked with youth in St Louis for several years before coming on staff with New City South. Kabyn has an amazing wife and two sweet daughters.

Contact Kabyn at 314-762-9915 x223 or

Kristen Flores

Kingdom Kids Elementary Coordinator

Kristen Flores came to Christ through Sunday School in her home state of New Jersey, and she is thrilled to now share the love of Jesus with kids from many different backgrounds here in St. Louis. In 2009, Kristen moved to St. Louis to pursue a Master's in Religion and Culture at Covenant Seminary not expecting to stay. Then she began working part-time with Children's Ministry at New City South in 2010, added Firm Foundation Tutoring to the mix in 2012, met her husband (Dominic) that same year, and now St. Louis is home (though she could do without their pizza). Kristen enjoys spending time with Dominic (mostly eating his cooking and laughing at their cat), traveling (she's lived in London and Uganda), reading (especially for book club), and acting (she's trying to make use of a rusty B.A. in Theatre).

Contact Kristen at 314-278-6960 or

Angela Finan

Kingdom Kids Nursery Coordinator

Angela has worked as the Nursery Coordinator with New City South since February of 2016. She loves working with the very smallest Kingdom Kids because of the honesty, intensity, and silliness with which they engage life. She enjoys their earnest observations and questions about God and the world around them, reminders to her that no one is too young for the Kingdom. As a mama of two beautiful Kingdom Kids, Angela spends her days reading story books, getting knock-down hugs, and hunting down the best St. Louis playgrounds. After bedtime, she enjoys reading (non-picture books) and talking to grown-ups, namely her husband, Casey. She references Isaiah 41:9-10 as a reminder that she is safe in the hand of the Almighty God.

Contact Angela at 314-762-9915 or

Stephene VandenBrink MAC, LPC


Stephene has been serving NCF as a counselor, and in other various roles, since 2007. She counts it as an honor to walk with those seeking healing and freedom through counseling. She and Kevin VandenBrink have been in life, marriage, and ministry for 25 years. One of her favorite things is being the mother of their 3 children- Sam, Benjamin, and Alia. She attended Taylor University and Covenant Seminary graduating with an MAC in '95. She loves worshipping and being a part of the church family at NCF. Some of her favorite things are running, hiking, kayaking, reading and making healthy, tasty food for family and friends.

Contact Stephene at 314-488-0253 or

Stephen Manyara

Youth Ministry Intern

Stephen and his wife Hannah started attending New City in the fall of 2015. Stephen became the youth intern in the summer of 2016 focusing on reaching out to youth and families in the church and the surrounding neighborhood. He loves youth and is excited to see the youth grow in the gospel of grace and learn how to impact their schools and friends. Stephen is enjoying learning the art of grilling, loves sports, reading, people, free food, and hanging out with his awesome wife.

Contact Stephene at 314-762-9915 or